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Home Renovation

   Here are several government programs you can avail of if you are a low-income homeowner.

Homeowner Renovation Assistance Program

  The Homeowner Renovation Program is a financial support provided by
  the Canada Government to help homeowners with low income make major home

  Click here for more information.

Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners

  Homeowners who needed emergency home repairs may  be eligible for up to $5,000 or $9,000 financial assistance.
  Find out about this program here


 Manitoba Home Builders Association published the The Renovation Roadmap to help you plan your home renovation project.

 Read the The Renovation Roadmap.


 If you are ready to renovate your home, you may want to learn about Professional Renovators, how to search for them, what to look for in  them,  and more.

Read Hiring a Contractor published by Manitoba Home Builders' Association.

After you have hired your Renovation Professional and want to start your renovation project, you need to write a renovation contract with the contractor and check your homeowner insurance policy. 

Read From Contract to Completion published by Manitoba Home Builders' Association for information to safeguard your property from start to finish.