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Housing Advocacy

If you are concerned about the housing crisis in Winnipeg, we invite you to join us in advocating for more affordable housing.  Contact us for more information or you can contact Right to Housing directly. New Journey Housing is a member organization of Right to Housing.

We encourage people to contact government so that you can voice your opinion regarding the newcomer housing situation.

•MLA Peter Bjornson, Minister of Housing and Community Development for the Province of Manitoba.

•MLA Florfina Marcelino, Minister of Multicultualism and Literacy for the Province of

•WInnipeg City Councillor Jenny Gerbasi, Head of the City of Winnipeg Housing Committee contact

•Your local city councillor, MLA and MP. These people are your own representatives in government and have a responsibility to hear your voice on these important matters.

•The Mayor of Winnipeg, the Premier of Manitoba, and the Prime Minister of Canada. These people are your leaders in government and have a responsibility to hear you voice on these important matters.

Right to Housing Coalition

Right to Housing is a Winnipeg-based coalition of 150 individuals and 41 organizations working together to address the current housing crisis and the chronic need for social housing.