Access to Benefits

Government Benefits

The government of Canada and the province of Manitoba pay out financial benefits to low- and modest-income Manitobans. Individuals and families may receive them automatically after they file their income tax; other benefits may need to be applied for. Different benefits have different requirements depending on individual situations. In general, one has to be currently residing in Canada and have a social insurance number to access these benefits. Below are some of the benefits. Feel free to contact our office for help apply for any of them. 

Canada Child Benefit

If you are taking care of your children who are aged 18 years and below, you may be eligible for the Canada Child Benefit (CCB). It is a tax-free monthly financial support to eligible families to help them cover the cost of raising children under 18 years old. To calculate your benefits, Canada Revenue Agency uses information from your income tax and benefit return. 

GST Credit

The GST/HST credit is a tax free quarterly payment that is paid out to low income Canadians to help offset the GST tax that they have paid throughout the year.

Manitoba Child Benefit

If you have minor dependents and you have just moved off from EIA (Employment and Income Assistance), the Manitoba Child Benefit will provide you financial assistance to help in supporting your children. It also provides parents with additional assistance to help with some of the costs of prescription eyeglasses for their children. Learn more about Manitoba Child Benefit and see if you are eligible.

A new way to discover financial benefits is with the Benefit Wayfinder online tool. This new website was created by Prosper Canada and it’s purpose is to help people discover, understand and apply for financial benefits that they are eligible for. Over $1.7 BILLION  in benefits for low-moderate income Canadians goes unclaimed every year! This tool will hopefully lower that number so that everyone that needs financial support, gets what is available to them.  

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Rental Housing Benefits and Programs

There are a number of government benefit programs that aim to help renters pay their rents and prevent eviction.

Rent Assist

If you are low income, renting a place in the private market and are not receiving EIA, you could receive money every month to help pay your rent. The payments go to you – the tenant – not to the landlord. More info about Rent Assist

Canada Manitoba Housing Benefit

This program has 3 streams: Homeless and/or at risk of homelessness, Youth exiting CFS care, and Mental Health/Addictions. The program’s goal is to help these populations pay their rent and avoid eviction. Each stream is administered through different agencies. Please ask us at New Journey Housing if you have questions about this benefit or find more info about CMHB 

Manitoba Rent Relief Fund

This program is a zero interest loan to help low income Manitobans that are in need of an emergency loan that will help them prevent eviction. The maximum loan is $2500 to be repaid over 2 years with ZERO interest. Examples of what the loan can be used for are rental arrears and/or utility payments. More info about the MB Rent Relief Fund.


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