Landlord Information

How New Journey Housing can help Manitoba landlords

 Information for Landlords in Manitoba

If you are a landlord or want to become a landlord, New Journey Housing can help you in following ways:

  • offer you free workshop to learn to become a landlord according to the Residential Tenancies Branch,
  • give you information about available programs for example, Rent Supplement Program, etc. and information on renting out to newcomers, and 
  • discuss with you about your suite for rent. If you want to include your listings on our internal vacancy list please contact us.

Contact New Journey Housing today to schedule an appointment!

The Residential Tenancies Branch or RTB helps investigate, mediate, and
 make decisions on disputes between tenant and landlords regarding

  • security deposits
  • repairs
  • the terms and conditions of a tenancy agreement
  • notices to move, including notice for non-payment of rent
  • privacy and payment of utility bills

Click here to visit RTB webpages for landlords.

View the Landlord’s Guide before renting out a property.

The Winnipeg Rental Network provides information for landlords
 called Landlord Guide, a simplified explanation of some key aspects of renting
 in Manitoba. Click here to get there. 

For quick notes about the following, click a printable page here.

  • deposits
  • rent increase
  • right of entry
  • ending tenancy
  • landlord and tenant responsibilities.

What Manitoba Landlords Need to Know is a booklet to help landlords run a smooth business. It presents landlords’ rights and responsibilities including:

  1. First step for new landlords
  2. Finding the right tenant
  3. Things to know about starting a tenancy
  4. Information during tenancy
  5. Information at the end of a tenancy


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