Income Tax

Filing Income Tax

Filing income tax in Canada can be easy. The 3 videos we created above present an overview of Canadian tax and why it’s important for all Canadians to file taxes on time, how the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) could be of help to you, and what documents you will need ready when filing your tax.

Who can we file taxes for?

New Journey Housing is filing taxes under the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) of the CRA. If you have a simple tax situation as required by CVITP and are a non-Canadian-born immigrant/citizen living in Winnipeg, New Journey Housing may help you file your tax 2020!

Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, we cannot file tax face-to-face with clients.

We can only file taxes by drop off in 2 ways: 1. electronic drop off  OR 2. drop off by appointment. Please read the process in the next section below to see the steps to do these (please scroll down).

This year’s tax season will start by end-February until April 30th.

This means that we will file your 2020 taxes, and you need to be ready with your 2020 tax documents as presented in video # 3 above.

Please call us at 204-942-2238 or email for tax-related information.


We are still filing 2019 income tax for newcomers to Canada living in Manitoba. Call 204-942-2238 or email for information.

To see a list of tax documents needed to file tax, click here


REMEMBER: We can only file tax for people who are non-Canadian-born residents/citizens AND have simple tax situation. Visit Canada Revenue Agency for information about eligibility in the CVITP program here:

If you would like to file your own individual tax returns, click here for CRA-certified tax software that you could use:

*We consider anyone NOT born in Canada to be a newcomer, no matter how long the person has been living in in Canada.




Hello newcomer* client:

Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, we cannot file taxes face-to-face with clients. Clients may only drop off their tax documents at our office: drop off electronically or physically at our office by appointment.

To file your taxes BY ELECTRONIC DROP-OFF, you will need to have internet access at home, have an email account, and some skills in uploading and downloading documents.

Below are 5 steps.

1. send us an email at to inform us that you want to file your taxes by electronic drop off and provide your  telephone number.  We will call you to verify your ID using Whatsapp or Facetime. 

2. we will reply to your email and send you (1) a Microsoft OneDrive folder link with your name on it, and (2) an online intake form.

3. fill out the online intake form on your computer, and scan or take photos of your tax documents. You do NOT need to scan every single receipt. Please check this link to see which are important documents you should scan.

4. UPLOAD all scanned documents in the link that we provided to you in step #2. After you upload, email us back to tell us (1) you have uploaded your tax documents, and (2) state that: “I am giving New Journey Housing through the CVITP the authorization to file my 2020 income tax”. Indicate your complete name and your spouse name (as applicable), at the bottom of your authorization message.

NOTE: spouses need to fill out 1 intake form together.

5. Wait for our email informing you that we have finished filing your taxes and a link for you to download your Tax Summaries in your own local computer. Email us back to confirm that you have downloaded and saved your tax summaries. Once confirmed, NJH will delete your documents that you sent to us in step # 4.

NOTE: the tax volunteer who will file your tax may call you to clarify your tax situation or documentation as needed.


To file your taxes BY APPOINTMENT, follow the steps below:

1. call us at 204-942-2238 or email Tell us the date and time you want to come to NJH. We will reply to your email to confirm your appointment schedule.

Note: Make an appointment 2 days in advance. Only you and/or your partner or spouse can come inside the office. 

If you are planning to file as a multiple household/family, only 2 people per appointment can be allowed inside the office.

2. at your appointment schedule, you will fill out an intake form and TIS60 with a volunteer. Submit all your tax documents with the volunteer.

3. we will call or email you when your taxes have been filed. We will mail back your tax documents via Canada Post.

NOTE: the tax volunteer who will file your tax may call you to clarify your tax situation or documentation as needed.


*we consider newcomers to be those who were NOT born in Canada, no matter how long they have been living in Canada.


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