Rental Housing Options

Private Rental Housing

This is the most common and fastest way to find rental housing.  Private rentals are advertised on the internet, the Winnipeg Renters Guide, newspapers, and on buildings or windows showing “For Rent” signs.  Starting rents in Manitoba are from $600 (for a ‘bachelor’ suite with no separate bedroom) to $1200 (for an apartment with 3 or more bedrooms). If you have a low income to be able afford private rental, you may apply for the Rent Assist Program for financial assistance. Click here for information: Rent Assist Program

Where to search for private rentals

Public or Subsidized Housing

The government pays a portion of your rent in public or subsidized housing.  This is a rent-geared-to-income (RGI) program where you usually pay 30% of your monthly family income for rent. For example, if you make $1000 per month, your rent will be $300 per month. The applicant must qualify certain criteria to be eligible to apply for public housing. If you qualify, you may have to wait for a home to be available. There are a number of non profit companies that offer subsidized housing. New Journey Housing can help you fill out application forms.

Where to search for Public or Subsidized Housing

Co-operative (Co-op) Housing

This is resident-managed housing with private living units and shared common spaces.  If you want to live in a co-op unit you must first apply for membership. If your membership application is approved, you will pay a one-time membership fee (usually between $500 and $2000) before you move in. Learn more about your housing options, how to find a home, apply for financial assistance and your rights and responsibilities as a renter.

Register for our Free Rental Workshop, meet our advisor, find out how to rent a home, ask questions and get answers.

Where to search for Co-operative (Co-op) Housing

There are many housing co-ops in Manitoba but there is no centralized place to see them all at once. Here are a few that might help in your search. Some are managed by a property management company and others are self managed.
Murdoch Management
Village Canadien
Old Grace Housing Co-op

Temporary Accommodation 

When planning your move to Manitoba you may want to sign a lease to rent a house or apartment before arrival. We do NOT recommend this. It would put yourself at risk because you might not like the place once you arrive and then you would be stuck in a one year lease! Also, there are instances of rental scams – where you send money before seeing the actual apartment and then upon arrival, you find out that apartment never existed or it was listed by someone that wasn’t the actual landlord. 

We recommend checking in to temporary accommodations for a few weeks when you arrive, and then do your own housing search in person. We would be glad to help you in your housing search.

Below are our suggestions for temporary accommodations.

Home ToGo offers a search engine for vacation rentals. Select a city in Manitoba where you want to stay.

AirBnB offers unique homes for rent for short-term stays. This is an online tool where you can select specific locations in Manitoba.

Executive Stay offers fully furnished suites with fully equipped kitchens, in-suite laundry, high speed WIFI and cable tv with parking included.  Conveniently located downtown Winnipeg, weekly and monthly rates are available.

Renting a home in Manitoba
This booklet covers all information about finding a home to rent and all the rules about living in a rental home in Manitoba.

Tips for Renters

Tip 1: understand the “for rent” advertisements. Click here for the most common terms and abbreviations being used in classified ads.

Tip 2: if you have a large family, click here for tips to find and rent a home.

Tip 3: check out the home or apartment you would like to rent. Click here to see what types of questions you should ask the landlord when you are viewing the place.

Tip 4: read the lease contract carefully before signing. Click here to see what you should find in a lease contract.

Tip 5: visit New Journey Housing if you need help!

About Rent Increase

Rent can be increased every 12 months. The Residential Tenancies Branch decides what percent of your rent can go up. Landlords must give tenants 3 months advance notice before a rent  increase can be made.

Find out whether a rent increase is legal or not. Click here.

 To learn more about rent increases, click here.

Manitoba Government logo

Financial Assistance

Rent Assist is a program of the Manitoba government that helps tenants pay a portion of their monthly rental costs.


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