New Journey Housing is a resource centre for newcomer housing in Manitoba,
with a focus on Winnipeg. We provide help, assistance, and resources to guide
newcomers to rent or purchase housing, and manage their money. Our primary
clients are newcomers to Canada including permanent residents, international
students, temporary foreign workers, asylum seekers, and naturalized Canadians.
We also support sponsors, landlords, and anyone else involved in newcomer housing.
We don't own housing directly, but we are actively involved in advocating and supporting
new housing projects in Manitoba.

If you would like to register as a client with New Journey Housing, please contact us.

People of all ages, cultures and lifestyles live in Manitoba.

Manitoba is a prairie province in central Canada:

Winnipeg is the largest city with more than 700,000 people:

To learn about housing-related information, neighbourhood centres, and more, click here.  


Welcome to Winnipeg!

In this page, you will find housing information and support available to you as a newcomer resident of Winnipeg. Find here also information on settlement services that you can avail of. Click here.

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What is Rent Assist or subsidized housing and how to apply for it?

Rent Assist is a Manitoba government program that provides low income people with monthly financial benefit to cover a portion of rental costs.

People not receiving Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) may apply for Rent Assist. Depending on the income level, a maximum of $511 for single adult per month can be provided. Read the Rent Assist Facts for more information. Download the Rent Assist Application Form to apply.

To estimate how much benefits you may be able to receive, visit the Rent Assist Estimator.

Subsidized housing is public housing where you pay your rent based on 27% of your household income. Know more about subsidized housing here.  


Safety Advisory: The Governments of Manitoba and North Dakota are predicting a high risk of Spring flooding in 2017. Flooding is hard to predict. This could start as soon as April and continue over the next few months. This means that water from the Red River may cover the land for many miles. Land close to Emerson, Manitoba is expected to be covered by flood water. Flood waters are very dangerous! Lives may be lost. o Do not try to swim. o Flood waters are fast moving even when they appear calm. o Ditches fill with deep fast moving water. o Flood waters are icy cold. o Ditches move water from one field to another through narrow water pipes called culverts. o In the dark, ditches look the same as shallow water on the field. Find out more from Manitoba Flood Forecast:

CBC News Manitoba reports that over a hundred refugee claimants crossed into Manitoba in the last recent weeks. Many of them are finding housing help from Winnipeg residents who were once refugees themselves. Read a story from CBC News Manitoba.


Buying a Home in Manitoba
 -- NEW!

After reading the booklet, we greatly encourage you to attend our free  home purchasing workshop to put all information together.
To order copies, visit MIRSSA website
Read a feature article in Winnipeg Free Press about the booklet here.

  Renting a Home in Manitoba
 This booklet covers all information about finding a home to rent and all the rules about living in a rental home in


 Making Your Money Work 
 This booklet is a good reading to understand how to earn, spend, save, invest, borrow money and many more!



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