3 Things to Know about Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro provides Manitobans with both electricity and gas – to provide power and heat to homes and apartments. As renters you might have to pay for Hydro yourself, or it may be included in your rent. Make sure to check with your landlord before you apply so that you understand what your monthly bills will be.  

If you are responsible to pay for Hydro, your landlord should tell you your meter number and reading when you first move in. You will need this information when you set up your account. 

  1. Setting up your MB Hydro account: The fastest way to set up a new Hydro account is through their online system.  
  1. MB Hydro security deposits: For brand new MB Hydro customers or for those that may have a poor history with Hydro, you may be charged a deposit. The amount of the deposit can range from: 
  • house: $300; 
  • multi-unit (townhouse, etc.): $200; 
  • apartment (tenant pays heat): $120; 
  • apartment (landlord pays heat): $60. 

For more info about Hydro deposits, go here Hydro security deposits 

If you are unable to pay for this deposit because of financial hardships, you can email SecurityDeposits@hydro.mb.ca 

  1. Equal Payment Plan 

In Manitoba, Hydro bills are determined by the amount of electricity and gas that your household uses. In wintertime the bills are higher as we have our lights on longer and the heat is turned up. In summertime, Hydro bills are often less. This fluctuation can sometimes mean that it’s hard to plan monthly budgets and this is why Hydro offers an Equal Payment Plan. Hydro will look at your usage and then determine an ‘average’ amount that they will charge you every month. This means that you will pay the same amount every month. The Equal Payment Plan starts in September and bills out in August. If you paid too much during the year, they will credit your account. If you paid too little they will charge you on the August bill and recalculate the plan for September. In the spring Manitoba Hydro will evaluate your account, if the variance is too high, the monthly amount may be adjusted. Details of your usage are on the last page of your bill. 

For more information about the Equal Payment Plan and to find out how to apply, go here: Equal Payment Plan 

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