Stop Heating the Outdoors! 4 Ways to Know it Might be Time for Window Upgrades

Every home will have windows. Some will have old windows that are original with the house, some will have newer windows that have replaced the old ones over time. In winter, when it’s cold outside and warm inside, in can be far too easy for the indoor heat, to escape to the outdoors. This is wasting energy and also wasting your money. 

A few ways to know if your windows are leaking heat: 

  1. You will feel cold air coming in around the frame and the window glass. If you can actually feel a breeze coming through the window pane, this means you are losing heat. 
  1. Your windows may frost up in wintertime.  
  1. The caulking around the window pane is cracking and you can see gaps in the caulking. Over time, caulking dries and loses its seal. When this happens, it might be time to take the old caulking off, and replace it. 
  1. If your windows are original and you live in an old house – built before the 1950s – it might be time for some new windows.  

If you are not prepared to install new windows, there is a great trick to increase the efficiency of your old windows. It involves using plastic, double sided tape, and a hair dryer! This method adds another layer to seal in the heat of your house and prevents the heat from escaping through the windows. Here is an informative video that teaches you how to master this trick. It is easy and anyone can do this. You can also purchase window sealing kits and Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, etc.  

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